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UBUNTU… I Am Because We All Are

It all started when a friend of mine, who is a doctor, decided to leave behind his comfortable life, and his family and friends, to give himself to another part of the world.

In 2009, Gustavo left on a mission with Médecins Sans Frontrières to the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Africa. For a while, this doctor had real contact with a war that many of us don’t even know about – a war where people kill and rape with no mercy, a war where crimes are committed on a daily basis, so far away from our eyes. The stories he brought back with him could not make me indifferent.

More than recreating a culture or a community, I had wanted to transmit values…a gesture that would reflect more than a country or a continent. I was looking for something more universal, the something that binds us to one other.

When I close my eyes to trnasform the meaning of UBUNTU into lines, colours and shapes, my inspiration takes me to world of simplicity, union and, at the same time, greatness. It is all transformed into lines that converge in the same place, or cross one other leaving an impression. The reflections, symmetry and purity of geometrical forms that pervade my spirit.


Patrícia Iglésias - Ubuntu


The word UBUNTU conveyed the inspiration I was looking for. Shaped in a piece of jewellery, a journey of reflection upon our acts and values.


‘UBUNTU… I Am Because We All Are’




a word of Bantu origin, the language from which hundreds of sub-saharian languages were born. This concept is inherent within traditional African cultures. It represents a philosophy based on a universal truth, the search for good in everyone, of an open society, of respect, sharing and equality. UBUNTU is being human to other people. It is the belief that sharing binds humanity.

‘We affirm our humanity when we see it in others’. In the simple gesture of sharing with the victims of a war far away which affects us, because it affects those suffering in it.

Ubuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu

Zulu proverb: ‘A person is a person because of other persons’.


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